Timken Ap Bearings Industrial Applications

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When Timken introduced its revolutionary APTM (All-Purpose) railroad bearings in 1954, it was a railroad industry milestone. Decades later, Timken is a leader in the friction management and power transmission industries and continues to lead in advancing bearing technology through continuous innovation and development. In addition to railroad applications, AP bearings are successfully used in many types of industrial applications. This can be attributed to many factors including the bearing’s high load carrying capacity and its adaptability to a wide variety of applications.

Self-contained unit provides substantial cost savings in design and installation. Many mounting parts are available with the bearing assembly. • Pregreased unit reduces installation costs. • Preassembled bearing reduces the number of separate parts to be applied and helps reduce the chance of incorrect assembly. • High quality, tested and improved radial lip seals provide exceptional protection, minimum relubrication and low maintenance. • Positive alignment of rollers is maintained in the bearing due to its basic tapered roller construction. This distributes the load over the entire roller length and helps to prevent rollers from skewing. • On-apex design provides true rolling motion with less friction and more resistance to wear. • Case-hardened and hardened cones, cups and rollers put hardness where it is needed at the working surfaces. The core of these parts, being more ductile, resists the propagation of fatigue cracks and spalls. • AP bearings are adaptable to a wide range of applications in new designs and changeovers from other bearing types. AP bearings range in bore size from 101.6 to 203.2 mm (4 to 8 inches). Optional auxiliary parts can be added to suit a wide range of mounting configurations.

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
NSK ls15 Bearing T-Shaped Deep Groove Ball Bea Bearings with Housin Double
HM133444 -90124 APTM Bearings for Industrial Applications 45 ~ 65 Bearings with Housin Square Type 7 Days
HM129848 -90142 compact tapered roller bearing units Insert Bearing Unit Bearing Steel J7 Triple seals
HM127446 -90120 Tapered Roller Bearings Assembly Self-aligning ball 80 8 Days Steel
HM124646 -90086 Integrated Assembly Caps Bearing for the main A 47 Metric System
HM120848 -90080 AP Integrated Bearing Assemblies SH44M 6 12800 Cast Iron
Backing ring K95200-90010 Timken AP Bearings Assembly Square flange shape Bearing unit Standard Oil Supply Type
Backing ring K147766-90010 Timken Ap Bearings Industrial Applications No Triple seals Irregular Shape Flan Insert Bearing Unit
Backing ring K85516-90010 AP Bearings for Industrial Application Deep Groove Ball Bea 20 Electroless Nickel P 8 Days
Backing ring K85095-90010 AP TM ROLLER BEARINGS SERVICE Deep Groove Ball Bea [Steel] Steel Double Clear Anodize
Backing ring K85525-90010 APTM Bearings for Industrial Applications Stamped Steel X33122M METRIC 173.5 mm
Backing ring K85588-90010 compact tapered roller bearing units 72 Yes (with retaining 6 Deep Groove Ball Bea