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Cooper Roller Bearings are credited with the invention of the Split Roller Bearing and remain at the forefront of this type of Bearing. Cooper Roller Bearings have a simplistic design which was devised to reduce downtime and installation costs.

Cooper Roller Bearings are specialised in several fields including – Mining, Sugar Production, Marine, Steel and Aggregates. Cooper Roller Bearings come in many different Styles, Series and Designs and are suitable for almost any application

Since Thomas Cooper invented the split roller bearing in 1907, the Cooper brand has been universally accepted as the benchmark for split roller bearing quality and expertise.

More than 100 years later, Cooper is proud to continue offering the highest quality and widest range of split to the shaft bearings on the market, confirming the company’s status as technology leader.

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
COOPER BEARING 01BCP170MGRAT Bearings Flat Steel Brim Type 40
COOPER BEARING 01BCP105MMEX Bearings 342 mm 53.00 mm 450.0 mm 28400 mm²
COOPER BEARING 01BCF180MGRAT Bearings 22232K 1.187 in S-32 x 5 1/2 5 1/2 in
COOPER BEARING 01BC900EXAT Cartridge Unit Bearings Bearings with Housin Electroless Nickel P 69 Round Type
COOPER BEARING 01EBCPS112EX Bearings Flange Type VV (Non-Contact Rubb 35 ~ 50 [Aluminum Alloy] 201
COOPER BEARING 02B112EX Bearings 4.750 in Single Concentric 2.38 in 22210
COOPER BEARING 01EBCSAFC513207EXAT25 Bearings 30 Cylindrical Bore Set 19500 No
COOPER BEARING PM10 Bearings 0.1 in 95993 lbf 013992026712 3.6 in
COOPER BEARING PS17 Bearings No No Pillow Type Thick Wall
COOPER BEARING 02BCPS115EX Bearings 70000 lbf 26.3 47400 1.87
COOPER BEARING 02BCPM90MMGR Bearings 0.130 in 0.12 0.8750 in 0.42
COOPER BEARING 02BCPS150MMGR Bearings 6 Bearing Steel J7 No