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Dodge® Passport is the easy to use selection program for Dodge mechanical power transmission products. Leveraging over 140 years of Dodge’s industry expertise to ensure consistent, reliable selections and provide you with peace of mind when selecting mechanical products.

Featuring an intuitive selection process, Passport guides both novice and expert users through quick and accurate selection of Dodge products. Capable of designing both product and application-specific solutions, Passport seamlessly selects complete packages of Dodge, Baldor-Reliance, and ABB products. Passport is also fully connected to the PT Place E-commerce platform, allowing users to quickly convert selections into orders.

Dodge Passport is your ticket to a world of mechanical design. From conception to completion, start your journey today.

DODGE F4B-SCM-215 Flange Block Bearings

108 mm M6x1
-20 °C SCOU209-28

DODGE DU-DI-200R Mounted Units & Inserts

57.2 mm 61 mm
22.9 kN 34 mm

DODGE 400194 Mounted Units & Inserts

20 mm 25.4 mm
92 mm -20 °C

DODGE 426029 Roller Bearings

Steel Self Centering
Round Mobilith SHC PM 220

DODGE 425024 Roller Bearings

2.4 kg 33.4 mm
PAE210N- 30.2 mm

DODGE BRG22310KC3 Roller Bearings

3.7 Nm 44.3 mm
30.9 mm 38 mm

DODGE BRG22330C3 Roller Bearings

0.313 Inch | 7.95 Mi 150 °C
Inch 28.58 mm

DODGE BRG22317C3 Roller Bearings

28.58 mm B04334
4547359476361 NTN

DODGE BRG22308C3 Roller Bearings

85 mm 38.1 mm
11 mm 0.84 kg

DODGE BRG22317KC3 Roller Bearings

43.5 kN N/A
14.3 2.165 Inch | 55 Mill

DODGE BRG22309KC3 Roller Bearings

65 mm 12,000 rpm
5.75 Hz 8.65 kN